DIY Wedding: Other details

Once we had our venue confirmed and booked, the rest of the wedding preparations were made quite easily. Because we did not want/need suppliers in the wedding industry sense, all I needed was a few phone calls to finish my preps.

Hair and Makeup

My sister is more kikay than I am, and likes to do braid ideas she gets from Pinterest, so I asked her if she can fix my hair for the wedding. She asked me what kind of accessory I want, sent her a peg of the wavy ‘do that I liked, and that’s all set!

As for makeup, I am admittedly not a makeup kind of girl, save for liquid eyeliners. I watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube and was quite overwhelmed with the number of things they put on their faces! I didn’t want to buy all those things for just one day. However, my then-fiance said that I should opt to learn makeup instead of getting it professionally done, so as to learn a new skill. Okaaaaay. So I spent three days pondering over BeautyMNL website before I finally spent about P3,000. I want to say I did okay with my makeup, especially that I only wanted something very natural. My haul:



Since we set on the venue to be a rest house with a garden, we factored in groceries for Day 1 dinner, Day 2 breakfast and lunch, and Day 3 breakfast. For the wedding dinner itself, we didn’t want the hassle of food tasting (especially that Tagaytay is about 2 hours drive per way), and based on experience, catered food is always quite sad/limp/substandard on the day itself in comparison to food tasting day. Instead, I suggested we go with something we know (in terms of taste), and is loved by both our families: Max’s. Given that it is commonly a family restaurant, food from Max’s would also set the homey feeling that we were aiming for. Nothing too fancy with some chafing dish with food that we don’t normally eat.

During our ocular day of the house, we dropped by Max’s in Tagaytay and placed our advanced order for their cater trays. The food was delivered to the Airbnb house just before the wedding started. Many thanks to Jen of banquet sales!

We also ordered a couple of extra trays for a small after-dinner party with friends, bought a couple cases of beer, and asked our friends to come with their booze of choice.

Tip: If you’re looking for a simple inexpensive wedding venue for your next event, Max’s Tagaytay has function rooms with good views! Check out their packages, too!



Simple Wedding Cake with Cake Topper
Our wedding cake created by Janine of Love At First Bite by Janine, with cake topper from April San Pedro of Artisan Paperie | Photo from Janine

My brother’s girlfriend happens to be a part-time baking enthusiast, and my fiancé loves her cake and brownie base. We asked Janine to make our simple cake of just chocolate inside, and white icing outside, which she baked at home but finished up in Tagaytay. Check out her Facebook page Love at First Bite by Janine.

To decorate our cake, she wrote our wedding date with melted chocolate, and our crafty friend April–who owns Artisan Paperie in Davao–made us a cake topper! Check out April’s craft blog I Am Artisan.



Flowers / Bouquet

Simple DIY Tagaytay Wedding
My DIY bouquet with flowers from the Tagaytay Market | Photo credit: My brother

I’ve always been a fan of handpicked flowers, and don’t prefer stiff too-made-up bouquets. For my bridal bouquet, I wanted to make my own bunch, so on Day 1 we went to the Tagaytay Flower Market and picked out some stargazers, and ugh, I forgot what the other flowers were. We also bought 3-4 small centerpieces for the dinner. Some friends also brought some flowers to add to the venue! So sweet!



My now-husband is a photography enthusiast, and since we’re sick of all the tried and tested wedding photos (and video), I asked him what he wanted for the photos. We both knew we didn’t need those SDEs and other prenup pictorials; his only request was just some photos to commemorate what happened on our wedding day.

We wanted authentic. We wanted true. We wanted the emotions, not poses. We wanted someone to capture fleeting moments. We didn’t want to get photographers who’d have a list of things to take photos of. We don’t care if the rings make it to photos, it will be on our ring fingers forever (or for as long as it fits!) The last thing we really wanted on our photos were fake emotions–like those forehead-to-forehead photo of the couple with their eyes closed, just because the photog wanted an intimate shot.

For this we asked our friend JC, who now directs and shoots TV commercials, to ‘cover’ our wedding. He is NOT an event photographer, and definitely not a wedding photographer, which makes it perfect! Given a choice, he’d probably be a photojournalist, or direct a documentary. Here are some of our favorite shots:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Save for paperworks and attending the mandatory seminar from the city hall to get the marriage license, I think that’s about everything we prepared!

What would you have added, or removed? Comment below! 🙂 

5 thoughts on “DIY Wedding: Other details

  1. Hello. Thank goodness I came across your blog. I’ve been going back and forth in my end about my wedding next year and this post inspired to just follow my heart.

    I just wanted to ask if you had to inform the airbnb host that you’ll be having a wedding in their log house?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Clare! Some Airbnb listings would indicate if parties are allowed or not. In my case it wasn’t explicitly mentioned (if I remember correctly), but I did ask the host if I could use the garden for a small “gathering”—the term “simple intimate wedding” didn’t sound simple to other people’s mindset bec I think no one can imagine anything as simple as ours was! (They immediately assume there’s a caterer, a stylist, sound system set up, etc.)

      Anyway, the host was particular about charging a fee in case we exceeded a certain number of attendees (I think 30 pax), which luckily was more than the number we expected, so we didn’t pay any additional fee for holding a small party. I am glad to be of help!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi how long was your preparation? Wanted to push for our wedding this year as our family from abroad will be here.


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