Grind Bistro at Net Park

Last year, on my then-boyfriend’s birthday, we went to Mamou in Serendra, but the steak, wine, and cake combo had him ending up in the hospital. He has GERD, or simply gastro reflux, which makes it difficult to digest beef and certain food. Basically, his digestive system needs to work much harder, resulting in too much acid in his tummy, I think. The key to enjoying his food now is to eat earlier–giving his tummy plenty of time to digest before he needs to lie down and sleep–and in moderate quantities.

But it’s so sad because he loves steaks. And burgers. So this year, I went to check reviews for burger places within BGC. This Grind Bistro was a little bit popular, and so I went to check my food apps to make a reservation. Quite luckily, I was able to book us a table for 5pm (yup, that early for dinner) at 50% discount! More on that later.

The Grind Burger
The Grind Burger, split into two, is made up of 100% USDA beef on their own brioche

Even though we had brunch at Providore on the same day, nothing can stop my husband from enjoying a burger! So of course we ordered the Grind Burger, split into two so we can share and he doesn’t end up gobbling up all that beef! Being a burger critic, a thumbs up on this burger meant a success! I personally am not a burger fan, but the fact that I also finished my share (sooner than he did!) is a good indicator of how good this burger is.

Truffle Mac and Cheese

As our side, we ordered the Truffle Mac and Cheese, which came served in a small skillet. It was so gooey! I liked it but didn’t finish it as I found it to parmesan-y. To be honest, it’s hard to tell that this mac and cheese had truffle in it.

We ordered a bottle of Shiraz to pair with our burger. (I know, it’s very titas of Manila to be having wine that early!) Their wines are supplied by Wine Depot so they have a pretty decent list. Their menu had a wine-all-you-can option, but it wasn’t available when we dined, bummer! So if you’re coming to Grind for that, better call them ahead and check if unli-wine is back in the game.

After finishing our burger and half a bottle of wine, we ordered some Popcorn Shrimp (tempura batter, unagi shrimp and wasabi aioli). It was very good that I forgot to take a photo! It’s also an appetizer so don’t expect a hefty serving. I kind of now remember why I never became a food blogger–I can’t describe a really good dish when everything works out so well.

I chanced upon one of the chefs on my way to the bathroom, and I was meaning to order S’mores and Hot Cocoa as our dessert, but he suggested we go for Deconstructed Tiramisu! So we did, and this is how a deconstructed one looks like 🙂

Deconstructed Tiramisu with a Happy Birthday and a candle too!

It was a great choice, overall. The restaurant is cozy and not intimidating, and the service pleasant. My husband enjoyed his birthday [early] dinner, and said we need to try more of their burgers next time. I don’t mind, I got it for 50%, remember?

If you haven’t been making reservations via apps, you should. Some apps offer peso-based discounts (P100 to even P500 off) depending on the time and date you are booking. There are also apps like BigDish that offer discounts by percentage, which is what I used! When I told my husband about it, he quipped that that Grind burger ended up cheaper than Brother’s Burger! Won’t that be reason enough to try more restaurants? 🙂

Find Grind Bistro at the Ground Floor, Net Park Building, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Call 02 946 3870 for more info.

What’s your favorite restaurant discount app? Comment below!

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