Kushikatsu Daruma

I’ve noticed this nicely-decorated unmistakably Japanese restaurant by Uptown Place Mall several times, and seemed like a lot of people were enjoying their food. There are also big signs of “No Double Dipping,” in and outside of the resto, so I was curious to know what kind of Jap food they’re serving.

Apparently, the highlight was fried food on skewers, which you dip in a sauce–with only one sauce bowl per table. Hence, the no double dipping reminder. Also, that this restaurant is from Osaka, Japan! Decided to try it out for one of the many Christmas get togethers with friends. I booked a table through the Eatigo app to get a 20% discount on food.

As with Christmas rush, it took my friends some time to get to the mall so I had the table all to myself as I ordered some of the sides as starters.

Kushikatsu Daruma | HeyMissLisp.com
Ordered three sides while I waited for my friends. (Fried Gyoza with Cheese, Corn with Butter & Bonito Flakes, and Spinach with Roasted Sesame Seeds)

It unfortunately took them so much time to get to the restaurant that I didn’t get to take a photo of our food when it arrived. We were hungry, no thanks to December Manila traffic!

Fried Gyoza with Cheese

The Fried Gyoza with Cheese was quite forgettable. If your standard of gyoza is Osaka Ohsho, you will be disappointed. The wrapper was thicker than most gyozas, and when I bit into it, I wasn’t sure if there was meat inside, or just cheese and some herbs.

On the other hand, the Corn with Butter & Bonito Flakes was a surprisingly enjoyable one. (Not for vegans, def!) While it’s a bit too oily–it feels like the corn is swimming in either butter or bacon fat, or a combination of it–the flavors were complementing each other. In case you’re wondering about the ‘toppings,’ the Bonito flakes are sliced smoked fish. Think tinapa, only paper thin. They ‘dance’ as they melt with the heat of the corn. Hubby says some takoyakis have this on top, too.

Corn with Butter & Bonito Flakes

The Spinach with Roasted Sesame also was meh, I ordered it primarily because I wanted to have some greens, but yeah, nothing special. Think spinach with a dollop of something like the Korean bean paste ssamjang, or a mild gochujang and sesame seeds. Not paying for this again, TBH.

When they arrived, my friends both ordered ramen, Tonkotsu and Ninniku. Both were good–although I have to admit I am no ramen expert–but I liked the Ninniku better. Probably because I love garlic and the latter was garlicky, so it lessens the umay factor. This article gives you more info on the ramen choices.

Whatever happened to the fried skewers, you might ask. We ordered the Beginner Level set, with 9 sticks. I think we were all quite tired for the day to actually go through the entire list of P39 and P59 peso sticks one by one. So that’s a relief to just choose between two sets.

When the skewers arrived they came exactly as on the menu photo, and you kind of get lost because you can’t remember what you ordered so you bite into each stick the same way you’d pick out chocolate from an assorted box. Surprise, surprise. And then there were those times you’re not even sure what you ate! Haha!

It could be that the ramens were flavorful, that we found the sticks to be ‘just okay.’ Basically it’s like everything from leeks, to cheese, to slices of meat were treated the way you would in cooking slabs of pork into tonkatsu.

I might have had an unreasonable expectation from the place, but now that I think about it, the place would be great for solo dining–like when you just want some decent lunch–or for get-togethers involving beer, and having the skewers as your bar chow.

When I got home the hubby asked how the food was, and asked if I’d return. I would, but only for the reason that he may want to try the skewers for himself. High praises for the corn though.

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KUSHIKATSU DARUMA – 2/F Uptown Place Mall, 36th St & 9th Ave, Bonifacio Global City.
Call 02 9467374 • Find it on Google Maps • Open in Waze

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