SALAD?! I’m Filipino!

A couple of weeks back, my husband declared that we need more veggies as we might not be getting all our required nutrients from eating only eight hours a day.

He wants salads for dinner, that’s what he meant.

In the Western world, salad is a common thing. In the Philippines, we hardly have tossed greens  as part of our meals. Most vegetables are in stews, soups, stir-fried, sautéed, but hardly ever a salad. Ask some local to make a salad and you’ll probably be given either a macaroni salad, or a fruit salad.

If my Filipino cuisine skill is 6/10, my salad skill is probably a negative 3. Cue panic in my head.

As with most things in this day and age, I am now trying to learn the art of salad from Pinterest and Google. So salad newbies and beginners, here’s a Pinterest board for some of the easy ones, for now.

I’m making all of these pins one by one (and step by step!) and will probably write about what my favorites are/were!

Do you have any EASY salad recipes I could try? Comment below (recipe links absolutely appreciated!)

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