FowlBread Chicken Sandwich

It’s exactly what you’d think the name suggests: Chicken sandwich.

I used to think FowlBread was just a take-away stall, with its industrial kitchen with a few chairs by the counter, along the busy Bonifacio High Street; this isn’t exactly where you’d like to invite a friend to to catch up.

But one day we were walking along High Street and went to the B3 restrooms, and only then did I notice the small (tiny!) enclosed sit-down dining area right behind the takeaway counter / kitchen! It’s so tiny it can only fit about ten people in total. It’s cute, intimate, and you feel kind of transported to a different place when you’re inside.

That said, it’s quite difficult to get a table during lunch or dinner time. Outside, there are a couple of tables, too, but that’s not much fun. Either you sit inside, or by the counter, me thinks.


If you read enough Zomato reviews, you’d know when to start believing raves and when not to. Quite noticeably, reviews for FowlBread indicate repeat customers, and that’s gotta be the best compliment anybody in the food industry needs.

The menu is short, and in my Gordon-Ramsay-inspired opinion, I think that makes it worthwhile. It’s as if saying, I don’t want to try to be everything, I’m just really good at making fried chicken sandwiches.

And fried chicken sandwich they can absolutely do!

FowlBread Chicken Sandwich
FowlBread Chicken Sandwich in Chemical (cut in half)

What part of this photo isn’t gorgeous? Nothing.

They offer their Chicken Sandwich in either single (this one) or double the chicken, with three levels of spice: Safe, Spicy, and Chemical. That’s our Chicken Sandwich (single) in Chemical. It’s cut in half because the hubby and I like to split our food. Evenly. LOL

We’re no strangers to spicy chicken sandwiches but consider this as your gourmet version of the McSpicy (locally and in Singapore) or even Zinger.

Dear FowlBread, sorry for the fast food comparison, there’s not enough restaurants serving these, and I am grateful for you!

As for the heat, don’t expect Chemical to burn your tongue, it’s only a tad spicier than the other two chicken sandwiches mentioned. It’s just enough heat to satisfy a spicy food lover, but not too hot to numb your senses and forget about the chicken’s flavor.

I love how crunchy the chicken is, but what sets this apart is the chicken skin that is fried separately from the meat, and then placed on top. That does give you the option of how much chicken skin (and the gooey fatty gloriousness of it) you’d want in a bite.

Honey Walnut Shrimp Sandwich

We also had this relatively new item on the menu, Honey Walnut Shrimp sandwich. It’s good, but at some point we had to re-read the menu to remind us what we were eating. Maybe there’s not much justice in deep-frying a clump of shrimp in one ginormous batter? Anyway, it’s a good alternative if you want to skip meat, or if you’re not craving something salty.

On a separate occasion I also tried the Crispy Porkchop Garlic Noodle, as recommended by the kuya server, citing that it’s more popular than the Szechuan Noodle options. This serving of egg noodles is quite filling so don’t order one for yourself, share it!

For Filipinos expecting it to be some tasty pancit, don’t. It’s good in its own lumpy, sticky, garlicky way. And because it’s not overpowering, it pairs well with the chicken sandwich, or with potstickers or porkchop that you can order with it.


FowlBread has a good list of local craft beers to pair your sandwiches with. Too bad the hubby’s mind was set on a quick dinner at FowlBread and then dessert somewhere else, so we didn’t get beers this time. I’m already wishing we’d go back and enjoy the chicken sandwiches with beer!

Yay or Nay?

If I hadn’t researched on this before writing this review, I wouldn’t have known that this restaurant is from the same people from Wrong Ramen, Bad Bird and Hole in the Wall.

Bad Bird! That explains a lot!

Well, obviously, yay! If I were you, don’t just read about it, try it if you’re nearby. My only regret about this place is that I wish I tried it sooner! It’s a little bit more money than what you’d normally spend on a sandwich, but I’m all for spending it here.

* * * * * * * *

FOWLBREAD – B3 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Call 02 7992571Find it on Google MapsOpen in Waze

* We paid for our food and dined as regular customers. You can read full disclaimer / disclosures here.

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