Calamansi Puree from 7Grains

Bought Calamansi Puree online!

Update: I have tried it and I love it! Check out my post Chicken in Creamy Calamansi Sauce šŸ™‚

Calamansi is a staple in Filipino dishes and sauces. The “Philippine Lemon” looks nothing like lemon nor lime, as it’s usually just as big as cherries. The size works to its advantage when you only need a teaspoon of its juice, probably to add a hint of citrus, or for dipping sauces.

On most of my market days, I’d skip buying a pack (it’s usually packed in half kilogram bags) because I never need that much. Also because I hateĀ spending too much time squeezing about 10-20 pieces of the fruit just to get half a cup of its juice.

Two years ago, I chanced upon a bottle of pure calamansi extract (unsweetened) in Pioneer Supermarket, and I loved having it in my fridge. I could have toyomansi (soy sauce + calamansi) anytime I wanted!

However, when we moved to BGC, I couldn’t seem to find any! Many days and googling later, I bought a couple of bottles Lemonsito / Calamansi Puree from 7Grains (on Lazada). [Click here to buy from Lazada.]

Bought Calamansi Puree online!
My two bottles of 7Grains Calamansi Puree (300ml each)

It wasn’t the brand I was looking for, but it was the only thing I could find.

I was ogling at it as soon as it arrived, as if I was looking at a new tech gadget! LOL.Ā It was quite too yellow, we think, but I thought because maybe they included the pulp? As with the other brand I used to get, settling is normal, so I wasn’t surprised by it.

It came in plastic bottles–I wasn’t expecting plastic–with a Use by date of November this year.Ā I’m really not sure how it doesn’t spoil without preservatives, although my roommate did say that some households squeeze calamansi and store them in jars, and that shelf life was okay.

Oh well, I’m lazy.

If you’re interested, you can also buy from the 7Grains Pantry Facebook page. They have other ‘skinny’ pantry and condiment alternatives, too!

Hmmm… I now have two bottles of it (because I couldn’t get just one) so I’m quite excited to cook with it. I’m gonna skip the typical BistekĀ (Filipino ‘beef steak’ in soy sauce and calamansi) or what-not and find something new to try! I will update!

If you’re abroad wondering where to buy Calamansi extract / juice in the US, you can try the Sun Tropics 100% Pure Calamansi on Amazon.

Try it as a refreshing drink (add water and sweeteners), as a condiment, or incorporate it in your [Filipino] dishes.



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