My-Stove-Broke Pasta

My-Stove-Broke Pasta

After ugly crying over my induction stove, I looked at the sadly half-sautéed chicken cubes in the pot. I don’t have a stove, what am I supposed to do with this now? Oven. I need to bake this instead. 

I’m pretty unfamiliar with baking dishes; I only got a countertop oven last year, and my first baking dish last week. Pulled out my brand-new baking dish, transferred the chicken with the onions and tomatoes. Now what? 

I preheated the oven to 175 C. Should that be 200C? 

Now off to scrambling to find something tasty in my pantry; I must’ve opened and closed the fridge thrice. Pesto, nice. I added a few heaping teaspoonfuls of classic pesto and of sundried tomato pesto. Smells good.

Oh there’s cheese. Sprinkled some grated cheddar on it before I thought, will pesto and cheddar go well together? I stopped and sliced some mozzarella instead.

A pinch of salt and pepper. Oh god, that looks terrible.

My-Stove-Broke Pasta

Here goes nothing. Popped it in the oven and set it for 20 minutes.

T-15: Okay so maybe cheese shouldn’t be in there this early.

T-10:That actually smells quite good. 

T-9: It’s simmering in…? Oil? Oh geez, and I thought this was gonna be somewhat dry. What do I pair with this? Should I throw in some green beans? 

T-8:Pasta. Go cook some pasta. 

I got the rice cooker, added some water and toggled the switch to Cook Rice. Boiled some more water in the electric kettle. Once the rice cooker started to let off some steam, I added some farfalle. When the kettle was done, I added more freshly boiled water to cover the pasta. A pinch of salt, too.

*Ding!* The oven was done. It looks weird but it smells good. Come on, pasta, let’s go! Once al dente, I strained the pasta and served scooped with some of its, uh, sauce on top. And red pepper flakes.

My-Stove-Broke Pasta

My-Stove-Broke Pasta

It worked. Holy smokes. You are now named “My-Stove-Broke Pasta.” We can eat.

My husband’s taste buds are still off because of his flu so he can’t taste everything, but overall he was happy that I managed. 🙂 Accidental dishes can be so fulfilling sometimes.

Have you got one of those accidentally good ones? Share them on the comments below!

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