Ugly Crying Over My Induction Cooker

I was supposed to make soup.

My husband has been flu-like sick the past few days, and today was the first weekend he could just rest it out in hopes that the virus goes away soon. Saturdays are also our market day, but we chose not to go today so he can Netflix away in his pajamas all day.

Our weekly grocery shopping is well-planned–meal plan, grocery lists and all that–which also means that I’m out of food. I wanted to make him a bowl of soup so I checked what was left in our pantry that I can put together.I knew there were some more chicken strips for salad, so I thought either tomato soup or chicken noodle soup. It turns out I was left with one ripe tomato, and the only canned tomato I had was pasta sauce. Guess I’ll do chicken noodle then.

Chopped the chicken, an onion, the last remaining tomato. Okay I should get that simmering soon. 

Halfway through sautéing the chicken, my single burner induction cooker let out an electrical buzzing sound partnered with a red spark under its ceramic plate!


Reflex made me switch the induction cooker off but my panicked “OH MY GOD!” woke my husband up from his nap.

IRL I’m probably one of the calmest persons I know. Also, I don’t usually react loudly if I’m surprised, I’m the kind who just makes her big eyes bigger at something, so the panic in my voice made my husband jump out of bed in a split second.

I seriously ugly-cried after insisting I’m not gonna use that piece of shit of an induction cooker thing because I’m no longer confident with it.

If there’s anything that scares me, it’s fire. Like home-burned-down kind of fire. And that this was connected to electricity scared me more; you know how electrical fires burn things down faster.

I got fuckin’ scared.

Upset was an understatement. This was a freakin’ three-month old almost-3,000-peso single burner. My former P900 cooker lasted more than five years ’til I threw it out!

More than that, I am left with nothing but a rice cooker, a countertop oven, and an oven toaster to cook in. This effin’ thing left me with half-cooked chicken!

When I’ve calmed down some half an hour later, my husband was asking if I wanted to go buy a new one.

“No,” gaddemmit. We didn’t buy this thing for a three-month use! I’m gonna send it to repair (it’s still covered by its one-year warranty) and get it fixed.

The Hanabishi service center said repairs can take 2-3 weeks. Let’s how this turns out.

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