Honestbee Grocery Delivery Review

Honestbee Grocery Delivery Philippines Metro Manila Review

Over the weekend, my willpower dwindled and my hormones ruled. We stayed in (we’re introverts) instead of heading out to the market at 9am like we always plan to. With no more food in my cupboard, we had Chowking for lunch, and McDonald’s for dinner. Junk food in one hand, Stardew Valley on my husband’s Nintendo Switch on the other. Ah, to be young and eat whatever you want, do what you want, yes?

Well Monday couldn’t have come sooner and my housewife mode switched on, slightly in panic that I have nothing to feed my husband for lunch. My poor hardworking hubby slaving away in the corporateness of BGC, and I’m just home tending to my, uhm, Stardew farm.

So I spent the morning grocery shopping on honestbee. I’m no stranger to grocery delivery, having been a customer of Happy Fresh when they still had Philippine operations. (In fact, I use my Happy Fresh bags on Saturdays when I do groceries!) I also tried MetroMart once but didn’t get to try it again. So here’s my honestbee review!

Things you need to know about honestbee’s grocery delivery service:

  • You can order online or through the app.
  • You pay the same price as in-store.
  • The service is location based. Choosing your location will present you with the stores you can order from.
  • Delivery timeslots are updated real-time depending on the demand. You can make an advanced order for next day delivery, too.
  • Some specialty stores can only accommodate next-day deliveries.
  • Separate delivery fees per store. I initially thought there’d be one delivery fee for the entire transaction, regardless of multiple stores, but no. I saw a P49 charge per store.
  • Free delivery with a minimum spend. In most stores that I saw, you need to spend at least P2,500 in that particular store to waive the delivery fee.
  • Concierge fee. There is a P99 fee for the grocery shopper who’d do the actual shopping for you.
  • Payment options: Credit card or cash on delivery


Shopping Experience

As I’ll be referring to my meal plan on Google Calendar, I shopped using my computer instead of the app.

I was quite thrilled to see Cubao Farmer’s Market included in the list, but as I shopped, I realized that I’d still need my cupboard replenishments and other household needs, hence I’d order from another store. Also, the items from Farmer’s Market are more in bulk, priced per 250g to 500g for some vegetables and spices; a bit much for feeding just two people.

Honestbee (Philippines) Grocery Delivery Review
A bit much for feeding two people. Screencap of Cubao Farmer’s Market offers.

To save on delivery fee, I chose to shop at Robinson’s Supermarket instead. I didn’t reach the P2,500 requirement for free delivery so my bill had a P49 delivery fee, and a P99 concierge fee.

It took me two hours to shop (only because my meal plan was adjusting to what I can buy online) so by the time I finished, the earliest timeslot was 5pm. Didn’t make it to lunch, but it’s alright for me.

I am pleased with the retail feel of the offered items; some stores can sell meat for as little as 250g, vegetables at 20g!

Honestbee Philippines Grocery Delivery Service Review
Some of the things I bought from Robinson’s Supermarket through Honestbee

For each of the item, you could put a note for the shopper, like how you’d like the meat to be cut, or probably if you want unripe tomatoes instead of the reddish ones. There are also boxes to tick on what the shopper will do in case the item is out of stock. S/he can either choose for you, suggest something else, or if you will not accept any replacement for that item.

The cart is very clear and easily understandable too–it segregates your order per store, and tallies it to tell you how much more you need to get free delivery.

Checkout & Payment

Upon checkout, I realized that the address it saved did not reflect the condo building’s name so I wrote it alongside the Unit number. On the next box, it asked me for nearest landmark so I wrote the name of the building across the condo.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 4.02.25 PM

I chose to pay with my credit card. I entered my details online and it said that it will be charged after the delivery is completed, to make room for any adjustments and/or replacements. The checkout page is also where you can input discount code that you have.

If you’d like a P500 off coupon for your first order, click here to sign up using my referral link! 

Tracking & Delivery

At about 4pm, I refreshed the tracking page and it highlighted that my shopper Gemma has started shopping for me. She sent me an SMS after sometime, informing me of out of stock items, and her suggested replacements. I replied with, “Yes to all please,” and she proceeded.

Shortly after, I received an SMS that my grocery is now with a “delivery bee” and should arrive in 15 minutes. I liked that. The heads up that I needed to get out of my pajamas and get dressed.

Seventeen minutes later, somebody from honestbee was calling me to ask what building I’m in. I repeated my building name, and he chuckled and told me I shouldn’t have put the name of the other building when I checked out because it made it confusing.

Well darling, it asked me for a landmark. UX, honey, UX. *end of sarcasm*


Honestbee Grocery Delivery Metro Manila Philippines
Honestbee Grocery Delivery in reusable bags

Anyway, so the delivery bee finally arrived, and yay, I have food!

Grocery Packing

The groceries came in reusable bags, which is a happy thought. The fresh items were–ugh, of course–in single-use plastics which made me feel bad. I’ve been trying to lessen my single-use plastics and have constantly been bringing reusable containers to the market, so I quietly blamed myself for being lazy.

One small thing I didn’t like about the packing was how my non-food item (dishwashing soap) was in between food stuff, see photo below. Dishwashing liquid was inside the brown paper bag: heavy brown rice pack on the left, and squishable wheat bread to the right.

Honestbee Grocery Delivery Metro Manila Philippines
Non-food item (dishwashing soap) was with food items, eep!

I checked the price of the items the shopper got against what I chose online, and almost everything was exactly as weighed / priced. I only got a 100g extra on the beef short ribs, which added about P60 to my bill. It was alright, but I thought that that’s quite an addition and should have been informed to the customer.

Overall Satisfaction

Considering being on-time, tracking is working, and ease of use of the (desktop version) site, I liked my experience on honestbee. I have to kick myself for being so lazy that I ended up with several single-use plastics again.

I would recommend honestbee for anyone who needs to do their groceries but need to be someplace else! I’m glad that they’re expanding to more cities like my hometown in Navotas. Maybe I’ll ask my mom to try it, too.

Don’t forget, you can get P500 off on your first order if you sign up using my referral link. Click here. Let me know how it goes for you!


This post is not sponsored by honestbee. I paid for my groceries and this review is written without bias. This post contains referral links which means I may also get a little bit of grocery money when you use my link, with no additional cost to you, only savings! 

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    1. Oh that’s too bad that you didn’t have a great experience! Though I do think it will mostly depend on the store you chose, AND how diligently the stocks are updated (if that is being done manually.)


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