Chihuahua Mexican Grill Review

Chihuahua Mexican Grill - Bonifacio Global City - Review

If you’re ever in BGC Crossroads (the building where the drive-thru Starbucks is at on 32nd Street), Chihuahua Mexican is on its second floor, tucked at the farthest corner. It’s been there a while now. However, it wasn’t a popular after-office drinks place before as most officemates would comment that the beers were expensive.

I’ve only tried Chihuahua Mexican once, at the Central Square cinema level, for quesadilla which I thought was quite expensive, but really good. A few weeks (months?) ago, I saw that the restaurant painted a huge-ass sign “HOPPY HOUR Beers @ P35.” Guess they’ve realized that it’s really the pain point?

Most Mexican restaurants in the Philippines are Tex-Mex. Or Fil-Mex. Why is this?


Chihuahua Mexican BGC Review - Interiors

Once you go through the door, you are led into a wider, longer dining area. Festive. Red walls, buntings, lots of photos up their walls. It’s actually much fun inside that when you try to assess it from the outside.

Chihuahua Mexican BGC Review - Interiors

It’s not a restaurant, too. Food and beverages are ordered at the counter, fast food style. Chairs and tables are pretty basic stainless ones. It’s too casual a place that I thought, yeah, they shouldn’t sell expensive beers.

Chihuahua Mexican BGC Review - Counter

The place hosts salsa nights on Saturdays, probably also why their tables and chairs are lightweight and easy to move around.

Food and Drinks

Admittedly, apart from cheaper beers, we’ve been watching Ugly Delicious on Netflix and have just watched the Tacos episode the night prior, hence the taco craving. We thought of trying another newly opened taco shop, but from our disappointing experience at a different ‘authentic’ Mexican place, we thought we’d stay safe and satisfy our taco-craving minds.

First off, chili. Now, I’m not a fan of beans, peas and chickpeas so I took one spoon of this and let my husband gobble it up. He finished his bowl of chili too fast, so I’d say that’s good. (Sorry for grainy photos. iPhone.)

Chihuahua Mexican BGC Review - Chili

Then came our chips and queso (P95) along with our hoppy hour beer (P35). I’m glad that they had San Miguel Pale Pilsen, as most happy hours / draft beers would carry the more popular, horribly bland San Mig Lite.

Chihuahua Mexican BGC - Nachos with Queso
Chips and Queso, small + Hoppy hour beer

There is nothing fancy about the chips and queso; it’s very straightforward bagged chips plus some melted cheese added with a little bit of something to not make it taste like they got it off the rack, but sometimes non-fancy stuff like these make you feel good and at home in a certain place.

Chihuahua Mexican BGC Review - Tacos
Pork Carnitas Tacos

My order, of course, was tacos. We chose Pork Carnitas (P287) because we can’t have beef at night (husband’s GERD gets triggered by beef). He also got an additional guacamole (P45), which we thought wasn’t too good, also that it’s a very small serving.

The tacos, on the other hand, was made up of three soft shelled tacos (thank goodness, I hate hard-shelled ones) with a mound of chopped lettuce, onions, bell pepper and tomatoes. I was having a hard time tasting the pork itself, but A quipped that maybe that’s the catch, so you’d order Double Meat (an additional P95).

And because I make salads too often, I can’t help but feel that this serving of taco (pork almost MIA) was overpriced.

Chihuahua Mexican BGC Review - Salad Wrap
Chicken Salad Wrap

Husband’s order was Chicken Wrap (P287), and I didn’t understand why he was charged an additional P15(?) for the tortilla wrap. I’m not sure if it’s because the chicken pieces were in the middle, that I was able to taste more chicken in this wrap than the pork in my tacos.

Both of our orders were in dire need of heat, so I made my way over to the chili/hot sauce display and returned to our table with four different bottles: red habanero, green habanero, garlic chili sauce, and some barbecue-ish sauce. I liked the garlic and the green habanero best on the tacos.

Chihuahua Mexican BGC - Nachos with Queso
Chips and Queso, large

After another round of beers, I’m wanting more bar snacks so we got another Chips and Queso, this time I got the large one. (P125)


The tacos and wraps’ servings are more vegetable than meat, which nutritionally is good, but to pay about P300 each per serving was a little too much. It makes me want to buy tortilla wraps in S&R, some random cooked meat, chop some veggies and tomatoes, and slather a little bit of sauce (and chili sauces) myself.

We loved the quesadilla before, and I’d get that again if we go back. Plus points for hoppy hour beers, but the cost of food will still make me think twice about choosing Chihuahua for my next beer night.

* * * * * * * *
CHIHUAHUA MEXICAN GRILL – 2/F Crossroad Building, 32nd St., Bonifacio Global City.
Call 02 5550414Find it on Google MapsOpen in Waze

* We paid for our food and dined as regular customers. You can read full disclaimer / disclosures here.

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