GoodAh!!! Market Market Review

Did you know that the famous Filipino term tapsi / tapsilog pertaining to tapa+ sinangag+ itlog was coined by GoodAh!!!? (Tapsilog is cured meat+fried rice+egg.)

Nostalgia hits (at least anybody around my age or older) when you see GoodAh!!!. I remember when I was younger and way too eager to learn how to swim, our parents would take us to Celebrity Sports Plaza in Quezon City, and that swim sesh was always followed by a ‘refueling’ meal at GoodAh!!! (Gosh those three exclamation points, though!)

If there was anything it was good at besides their tapsilog, it was marketing. Almost anyone who’s ever been to GoodAh!!! will remember it is “Open 25 hours,” and that they serve food that is “Good for every-all.” These lines, these double-take worthy lines. 

Their popularity dwindled down in the 90’s / 2000’s. I thought they shut down.

Lately it seemed that someone had bought the GoodAh!!! brand and is now coming back very strong, getting more and more prominent as more franchisees resurrect it back to its glory days.

I was happy to try it again when I ran some errands at the Market! Market! mall, where they have a branch at.

GoodAh!!! Market Market Review


As a quick-serve restaurant (QSR), there is nothing too different about the set up. A few witty taglines here and there make you chuckle a little bit inside.

The cashier, May, was truly pleasant to deal with. I should write the manager a commendation letter for May.


I was solo-dining so I ordered a tapsilog plus a side dish of garlic kangkong (water spinach). Like adobo, there is no perfect tapa. Each tapa/tapsilog is prepared differently. Some like it dry, some with a little bit of sauce, thin, shredded, what-not.

Tapsilog - GoodAh!!! Market Market Review

The tapsilog came with reasonable thickness, yet I was surprised that it was tender. The server also came with a small container of prepared vinegar as dipping sauce. I reckoned, this was the kind of tapa that needs pairing with the vinegar.

However, I found the fried rice to be nothing but just rice tossed in a little bit of oil. I wished there was any hint of garlic.

Garlic Kangkong - GoodAh!!! Market Market Review

The garlic kangkong was well-prepared, and it wasn’t horribly dead and mushy. I like that it’s still bright green and crunchy when it was served.


My meal was less than P200. (That’s less than US$4.) Was it worth it? Yes! I’d very much rather visit the store again than spend my money on some kiosk inside the mall. Also, my hubby was curious about how it tastes now, so we will come back.

Have you been to Goodah!!! lately? I’m curious to try more items. Let me know what you liked!

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GOODAH!!! – Fiesta Market, Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Call 02 5192472Find it on Google MapsOpen in Waze

* I paid for my food and dined as a regular customer. You can read full disclaimer / disclosures here.

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