BGC Bus Routes 2017

BGC Bus Routes 2017

When we moved to BGC in Taguig this November, one of the first things I knew I needed to learn were the bus routes. As a privately own community, BGC has its own bus system that takes you to, from and within Bonifacio Global City.

So sure, there were a lot of signs and infographic of sort I found online, like this one:


Cool. But once you start analyzing it carefully, you’d have a lot of questions. How do I get out of BGC on weekends? How do I go in to BGC on weekends?

One month and several top-ups on my Beep card now, here are my tips on riding the BGC bus. Continue reading “BGC Bus Routes 2017”

DIY Wedding: Solemnizing Officer

Arguably one of the most important aspects of the wedding is for someone to officiate it! Since our families are of different religions–think four to five religions within our small group of twenty–we opted for a non-secular one.

However, we found out that a civil wedding is quite tedious in the sense that you have to pre-arrange for a schedule with the judge of the jurisdiction, AND need to be wed in his chambers. There’s a risk of not getting the time and date that you want, as it’s dependent on the judge’s schedule. From other blogs, the surest way to get the date/time you prefer is if you personally know (or know someone) the judge. As we’ve already decided on the place and the date, we weren’t going to take chances.

Through mighty Google, we learned that we can be wed by a solemnizing officer. The what? Continue reading “DIY Wedding: Solemnizing Officer”

DIY Wedding: Venue

DIY Wedding: Venue

When my fiancé and I eliminated Batanes as our wedding destination, I asked him for his second choice. I love the beach, but I didn’t feel like I wanted a beach wedding. It was then a choice between Metro Manila, or somewhere out of town. We have also decided on the date, which fell on a Tuesday. So that definitely was something to consider, given that it’s school season, and adult family members are mostly employed.

Without batting an eye, he replied with, “Out of town, definitely.”

“Where?” I asked.


After that conversation, I spent a couple of hours pondering and narrowed down our ideas and preferences: Continue reading “DIY Wedding: Venue”

DIY Wedding: The RTW Dress

For most brides, the dress is–and will always be–one of the most important factors of their wedding. For me though, I’m not big on the couture wedding gowns that cost an arm and leg, beads-and-sequins-to-last-a-lifetime kind of outfit. Once we’ve decided to go for a garden wedding, I thought I should go for a loosely-flowing gown, no train (because nobody needs that IRL, unless you’re royalty, me thinks), one that suits my body type, and doesn’t look tacky with the beading and all that. I also wanted a dress I can re-wear, in its original form, or if I have it altered shorter after the wedding.

I checked with my fiancé, and asked him what he’s imagined his bride to wear. He said, “A white dress with something like an intricate crocheted layer…like the usual Filipino mom table runners.” Huh? In case one of your eyebrows is raised, he meant a white lace dress. 

As someone who hates shopping (I must have been a guy in my past life) the first thing I did was, of course, to Google “white lace dress Philippines.” Ding! Zalora to the rescue! Continue reading “DIY Wedding: The RTW Dress”

Our Php103,000 DIY Wedding

Our Php103,000 DIY Wedding

Okay, I know that sounded like a scam. Or a clickbait title. It’s not. You read that right. We spent only 103,000 pesos for our small and intimate Tagaytay wedding INCLUDING payment for legal documents, and pre-wedding pampering!

In May of this year, we have just taken our first steps towards the minimalist lifestyle when my then-boyfriend proposed to me on a quiet beach. Shortly after the surprise and [hours of] shock have subsided, we talked about what our ideal weddings were.

Off the top of our heads, we both wanted an intimate, simple, and authentic wedding. 

I guess with the booming wedding industry here in the Philippines I’ve come to a point of feeling like weddings are now depicted as a spend-all-your-money-in-this-once-in-a-lifetime-event day rather than being centered on marriage, togetherness and the emotions that wrap around it. Continue reading “Our Php103,000 DIY Wedding”


Hello world! I’ve been an on and off blogger ever since “bloggers” started to mean people who make a living or decent income through blog posts. I’ve actually been a personal blogger since maybe 2005, but the evolution of social media kinda killed the diary-esque feel of blogging.

Also, most blogs now have a certain niche—which I struggle at maintaining. I mean, you live a life, and sure it’s a mix of family, love, work, travel and maybe art too. I found it hard to actually separate all those into categorized blogs.

So today I thought, Okay just make a blog where you can post about anything!

Hi. I’m a Filipina, I’m living very minimalist. I’m recently married, and I’m currently in Metro Manila. All the rest, you shall read here. 🙂