Breaking Up with the Rice Mentality

Breaking Up with the Rice Mentality

Growing up in the Philippines, rice is everything. You will hear some people complain that they “didn’t really eat” if all they had was pancit (noodles), or some sandwich, regardless of how much they actually ate. The notion that rice constitutes a proper meal is the norm.

When I was younger, my grandmother would always remark on how thin we were, and would devise ways to make us eat more rice. There was a time when my mom would use measuring cups to feed us more carbs.
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Hello world! I’ve been an on and off blogger ever since “bloggers” started to mean people who make a living or decent income through blog posts. I’ve actually been a personal blogger since maybe 2005, but the evolution of social media kinda killed the diary-esque feel of blogging.

Also, most blogs now have a certain niche—which I struggle at maintaining. I mean, you live a life, and sure it’s a mix of family, love, work, travel and maybe art too. I found it hard to actually separate all those into categorized blogs.

So today I thought, Okay just make a blog where you can post about anything!

Hi. I’m a Filipina, I’m living very minimalist. I’m recently married, and I’m currently in Metro Manila. All the rest, you shall read here. 🙂