Honestbee Grocery Delivery Review

Honestbee Grocery Delivery Review

Over the weekend, my willpower dwindled and my hormones ruled. We stayed in (we’re introverts) instead of heading out to the market at 9am like we always plan to. With no more food in my cupboard, we had Chowking for lunch, and McDonald’s for dinner. Junk food in one hand, Stardew Valley on my husband’s Nintendo Switch on the other. Ah, to be young and eat whatever you want, do what you want, yes?

Well Monday couldn’t have come sooner and my housewife mode switched on, slightly in panic that I have nothing to feed my husband for lunch. My poor hardworking hubby slaving away in the corporateness of BGC, and I’m just home tending to my, uhm, Stardew farm.

So I spent the morning grocery shopping on honestbee. I’m no stranger to grocery delivery, having been a customer of Happy Fresh when they still had Philippine operations. (In fact, I use my Happy Fresh bags on Saturdays when I do groceries!) I also tried MetroMart¬†once but didn’t get to try it again. So here’s my honestbee review! Continue reading “Honestbee Grocery Delivery Review”

Ugly Crying Over My Induction Cooker

I was supposed to make soup.

My husband has been flu-like sick the past few days, and today was the first weekend he could just rest it out in hopes that the virus goes away soon. Saturdays are also our market day, but we chose not to go today so he can Netflix away in his pajamas all day.

Our weekly grocery shopping is well-planned–meal plan, grocery lists and all that–which also means that I’m out of food. I wanted to make him a bowl of soup so I checked what was left in our pantry that I can put together. Continue reading “Ugly Crying Over My Induction Cooker”