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As with most things online, what you read is your decision to make. This blog is maintained as a personal journal with insights that are 100% my own. Information on this blog is not meant to replace any official information from manufacturers, companies, restaurants, and the likes. Please seek professional advice if you are in need of one.

Honest Feedback

My main goal with blogging is to write honestly, and have it publicly available should anyone need that feedback or information. I, too, rely greatly on other bloggers’ posts whenever I need real insights and therefore maintain the same on mine. Do remember that our palates (and adulting style) vary very much from one another, so what’s good to me may not be your cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean your subjective opinion is wrong, and I’m right. Or vice versa.

Complaints and Resolution

As a customer I am not hard to please, but coming from a customer service background, I do know what is acceptable and what should be escalated. After bad experiences, I reach out to companies in writing, and their resolution (or lack thereof) will be included in my post.

If your company or service has unfortunately been subject to a bad review / complaint post on my blog and have possibly overlooked my formal complaint, you are free to reach out to me. Please note that any offer, resolution and similar agreements would be appended as an update to my complaint post. Any resolution offered with the condition of removal of the original post may be declined.

Sponsored Content

I pay for my food, and I believe good food are the ones you’re willing to spend for. I’d much prefer pay for my own food and enjoy it without the guilt and pressure to write about it, or forced to make up flowery words to make a bad review sound better.

Should there be instances of free food or other stuff, these posts will be labelled and indicated clearly as such, and will continue to be based on my subjective opinion. I do not publish press releases and other pre-written content.

If you wish to have your restaurant, product, or service be up for a review, please know that free food / free stuff do not automatically gain positive reviews.

Affiliate Links

From time to time, I use affiliate links when I talk about services, websites or products that I like. Know that in no way would my opinion change because of these links. It’s just talking about my experiences / wants / purchases and hope to me a few cents out of doing so.


I respect copyright and I’d love for you to do the same. Despite tweaks on recipes I find online, I give due credit when credit is due. That said, no part of this blog may be reproduced without consent–and that applies to words and photos.