Hello from Melbourne

Hello from Melbourne

We moved to Melbourne.

I skipped two months of blogging because 1) we got our visas, and 2) my husband got a job offer in just a week after. We had six weeks to pack up our life in the Philippines–our 30-something years’ worth of ‘life’.

On my bucket list, an item reads: Live in a different country for at least a year. I’ve crossed it off before thinking living in a hotel in Seoul for three years would count, even though I get another room on a different floor every time I come back exhausted from a flight.

Six weeks was barely enough time to get excited. In fact, I think we didn’t get excited until we’re at the airport. My slightly OC mental task list was legit on a roll from the moment the alarm goes off. I had a Google spreadsheet of the tasks categorised and organised per week! (Trying to get used to spelling in Australian English, ICYDN.)

It’s now been a month since we left Manila, and we’ve just moved to our own apartment. (Nobody told me it was too tedious to do that here!) We’re happily surviving winter, and of course I am too eager to complete my small kitchen for my next kitchen adventures. It’s time to learn how to be less Asian now (in terms of cooking) and make do with what is more common in the market.

Excuse me while I resume cutting cardboard boxes so it could fit the recycling bins.